How we will treat you – We do things differently

During your appointment I will help you understand the source of your pain, the effects it’s having on your body, and what we can do to change how you’re feeling.

You will be actively involved in your treatment, rather than just being treated as I have found that this is key to helping you resolve your pain problems. 

I don’t just look at the site of your pain, I look at your body as a whole, including your lifestyle, medication, and other areas of your body that might be contributing to the problem.

In my experience working together to develop a treatment plan is the best way to  find an approach that will resolve your pain and help prevent it from coming back. 

Many people think that Osteopathy is just for bad backs but it has so much more to offer.

Thanks to my experience in Osteopathy, pain management and exercise prescription I can help resolve a wide range of muscle and joint injuries, conditions, and problems,

Please get in touch and book your FREE 15 minute consultation today, and let’s discuss how I can help you.