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Your first treatment

Treatment approach

Your treatment plan will be discussed and agreed with you to ensure you are happy with the findings and to answer any questions you may have.

Our holistic approach will consider all of the areas that might be involved in your problem e.g. shoulder pain could also involve the neck, upper back, collarbone and ribs as these could all be affected by a shoulder problem.

The key aim of your treatment will be to improve the function of all affected nerves, muscles, ligaments, and joints. Treating these areas will help to reduce pain, improve movement and help to restore normal function.

Improving movement in the shoulder An osteopathic examination of the knee
Physical examination
A postural, mechanical and functional assessment will be made by observing how you stand, how you move and which movements cause pain or discomfort.
You will usually be asked to undress to your underwear for the examination, although leggings or shorts can also be worn.

Please note that you are more than welcome to bring a chaperone if you wish and one is always required if you are under 18 years of age.
Case history
Your first visit will involve a detailed medical assessment covering your current complaint, past medical history and family history. You will also be asked about your work, diet, hobbies, and any sporting activities as this will provide valuable information for your diagnosis.

It is important that you feel comfortable and at ease throughout your treatment so please feel free to ask questions at anytime during your consultation.
Osteopathy assessment involves detailed case history
Experience has shown that clients want to be actively involved in resolving their problems and this approach leads to better results. This is why your treatment will include advice on things that you can do to help yourself and prevent problems from reoccurring.

This may cover simple exercises, suggestions to help improve your posture, advice on your workstation setup or dietary advice.

It is sometimes necessary to refer you to back to your GP for additional tests such as an MRI scan or for more appropriate treatment. You may also be referred to another healthcare practitioner such as a physiotherapist or nutritionist to supplement your osteopathic treatment. Sollus Healthcare has established professional links with a range of therapists so you can be sure that they meet our very high standards of healthcare.
Improve your health with osteopathy at Sollus Healthcare
We have found that this multi-disciplinary approach leads to much better treatment results and happier clients.

Please feel free to call and ask us any questions that you may have about what osteopathy could do to help you.

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