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If only all employees were this happy...
At the end of the assessment you will be given a summary report of our findings together with details of any changes and recommendations that we have made.
For companies of up to 3 employees we offer the same high quality advice and assessments as above, but there is no presentation. This small business assessment comes at the bargain price of £125 including summary report (expenses are not included).

Please call us on 07515-014308 or 01604-532853 or you can email for further information regarding an assessment and we will provide you with a highly professional and competitive, bespoke package.

What we do

We deliver an interactive presentation covering Display Screen regulations, basic anatomy, principals of good posture, how to avoid MSD etc.  

This is followed by a one to one assessment for each employee and any simple changes to the workstation will be made at this point. The assessment will include a review of the area where your employee works and the tasks that they carry out, looking at their desk, chair, monitor and other equipment. It will also take into account less obvious things like health and safety training, the timing and duration of rest breaks,  eye tests and noise levels.

Here is an example of a good workstation set-up Workstation assessment to identify a problem and osteopathy to resolve it So that is what a workstation assessment is...

As an employer you have a legal requirement to undertake workstation assessments and to inform your employees about the risks of prolonged computer use. Online and written self-assessments have limited effectiveness as people are often not aware of what ‘correct’ posture’ is, where their monitor should be, or if their chair is set up correctly.

The benefits of a Sollus Healthcare workstation assessment include:

We offer a small business assessment package for companies of up to 3 employees so that we can provide the benefits of workstation assessments regardless of the size of your business.

Workstation assessments

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